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Cartersville girls runner-up, Canes third hosting 2022 Purple Hurricane Track & Field Invitational

The Cartersville girls were runner-up and the Cartersville boys placed third Saturday at the six-team 2022 Purple Hurricane Invitational.

The Lady Canes (122.5 points) finished just seven points behind North Springs (129.5). The Woodland girls team placed fifth with 100 points.

The Rome boys won Saturday with 184.50 points. Cartersville (107.5) was third with Woodland only one-half point behind with 107.

Final Team Scores

Girls: North Springs 129.5, Cartersville 122.5, Rome 110, Villa Rica 105, Woodland 100, Woodstock 84

Boys: Rome 184.5, Woodstock 119.5, Cartersville 107.5, Woodland 107, Villa Rica 97.5, North Springs 73

Local Top Finishes:


1st, Mason Cline, Cartersville, High Jump, 4-08.00

1st, Rylee Evans, Woodland, 3200M Run, 12:26.01

1st, Woodland 4x800M Relay, 10:55.70

(Rylee Evans, Emma Segars, Danielle Thayer, Olivia Berry)


1st, Woodland “A”, 4x800M Relay, 8:34.50

(Tyler Jones, McKinley Chappell, Drew Thayer, John Forsyth)

1st, Eric Toviave, Cartersville, 110M Hurdles, 14.80

1st, Johnathan Cline, Cartersville, Discus Throw, 113-10


2nd, Olamide Sadiku, Cartersville, 400M Dash, 1:06.21

2nd, Cartersville 4x800M Relay, 11:20.20

(Trinity Atkins, Anna Grace Boone, Smantha Herrera, Elizabeth Nelson)

2nd, Anna Grace Boone, Cartersville, High Jump, 4-04.00

2nd, Rylee Evans, Woodland, 1600M Run, 5:38.64

2nd, Olivia Berry, Woodland, 3200M Run, 12:29.02

2nd, Mya Moffit, Woodland, 100M Hurdles, 18.80

2nd, Gillian Bergman, Woodland, 7-00.00


2nd, Tyler Jones, Woodland, 1600M Run, 4:43.08

2nd, Tyler Jones, Woodland, 3200M Run, 10:23.80

2nd, Zachary Wiggins, Woodland, 110M Hurdles, 16.90

2nd, Woodland “A” 4x400M Relay, 3:44.81

(Logan Bennett, Noah Baer, Drew Thayer, John Forsyth)

2nd, Noah Baer, Woodland, Pole Vault, 12-06

2nd, Jake Woodall, Cartersville, 300M Hurdles, 43.61

2nd, Cartersville “A” 4x800M Relay, 8:40.50

(Levi Booth, Malachi Vosburgh, Cainen Crowder, Sam Peters)


3rd, McKinsey Spinks, Cartersville, 3200M Run, 12:56.65

3rd, Cartersville 4x100M Relay, 53.67

(Olamide Sadiku, Mary Knox Dawson, Malena Bihm, Elizabeth Nelson)

3rd, Cartersville 4x400M Relay, 4:37.74

(Olamide Sadiku, Anna Grace Boone, Malena Bihm, Elizabeth Nelson)

3rd, Mary Knox Dawson, Cartersville, Triple Jump, 29-03.00

3rd, Olivia Berry, Woodland, 1600M Run, 5:49.85

3rd, Mya Moffit, Woodland, 300M Hurdles, 55.89

3rd, Bruklyn Cantu, Woodland, Shot Put, 29-06.00

3rd, Bruklyn Cantu, Woodland, Discus Throw, 67-07


3rd, McKinley Chappell, Woodland, 3200M Run, 10:24.00

3rd, Cartersville “A” 4x100M Relay, 46.74

(Stephen Rowser, Kase Adams, Khristian Lando, Kendrick Price)

3rd, Jackson Heilman, Cartersville, High Jump, 5-00.00

3rd, Johnathan Cline, Cartersville, Shot Put, 39-01.25


4th, Alex Hampton, Cartersville, 100M Dash, 13.40

4th, Sydney Rhodes, Cartersville, 100M Hurdles, 19.90

4th, Mary Knox Dawson, Cartersville, Long Jump, 13-11.00

4th, Chloe Corrigan, Cartersville, Discus Throw, 65-05


4th, John Forsyth, Woodland, 400M Dash, 56.07

4th, McKinley Chappell, Woodland, 1600M Run, 4:44.56

4th, Kase Adams, Cartersville, 100M Dash, 11.20

4th, Levi Booth, Cartersville, 800M Dash, 2:12.66

4th, Cartersville “A” 4x200 Relay

(Stephen Rowser, Kendrick Price, Kase Adams, Khristian Lando)


5th, Anna Grace Boone, Cartersville, 1600M Run, 6:09.90

5th, Kate Bishop, Cartersville, 3200M Run, 15:48.92

5th, Sydney Rhodes, Cartersville, 300M Hurdles, 58.79

5th, Paris Moultrie, Cartersville, Shot Put, 27-07.00

5th, Jade Nelson, Cartersville, Discus Throw, 59-10.00

5th, Emma Segars, Woodland, 400M Dash, 1:10.12


5th, Drew Thayer, Woodland, 800M Run, 2:15.45

5th, Kenneth Brown, Woodland, 110M Hurdles, 18.10

5th, Zachary Wiggins, Woodland, 300M Hurdles, 45.06

5th, Woodland “B” 4x800 Relay, 10:03.60

(Kameron Chappell, Ethan Thompson, Ricky Hawkins, Cael Higdon)

5th, Zachary Wiggins, Woodland, High Jump 4-10.00

5th, Cartersville “B” 4x100M Relay, 47.06

(Quashawn Lopez, Rhys Neal, Nate Hardy, Jimmy Channell)

5th, Cartersville “A” 4x400M Relay, 3:54.21

(Kendrick Price, Khristian Lando, Eric Toviave, Jake Woodall)

5th, Will Feuerbach, Cartersville, 400M Dash, 57.04

5th, Sam Peters, Cartersville, 1600M Run, 4:48.93

5th, Malachi Vosburgh, Cartersville, 3200M Run, 10:41.79

5th, Stephen Rowser, Cartersville, Triple Jump, 36-04.50


6th, Madison Hold, Cartersville, 3200M Run, 15:55.69

6th, Elizabeth Hardy, Cartersville, 300M Hurdles, 58.99

6th, Alex Hampton, Cartersville, 200M Dash, 28.83

6th, Cartersville 4x200 Relay, 2:05.64

(Alex Hampton, Jade Nelson, Rileigh Worthan, Sydney Rhodes)

6th, Elizabeth Hardy, Cartersville, Long Jump, 13-03.00

6th, Julia McDonald, Cartersville, Discus Throw, 59-10

6th, Emma Segars, Woodland, 800M Run, 2:43.80

6th, Abigail Carlsen, Woodland, Triple Jump, 25-02.50

6th, Ava Whatley, Woodland, Shot Put, 24-00.00


6th, Heath Tatum, Woodland, 100M Dash, 11.30

6th, Drew Thayer, Woodland, 1600M Run, 4:51.02

6th, Woodland 4x200 Relay, 1:39.39

(Peter Decino, Kenneth Brown, Noah Baer, Rakaylin Glover)

6th, Woodland “B” 4x400M Relay, 3:54.53

(Jamarion Walker, Peter Decino, Heath Tatum, Will Parker)

6th, Cartersville “B” 4x800M Relay, 10:04.70

(Owen Taff, Daniel Pina, Omar Pina, Kemarie Mitchell)

6th, Kase Adams, Cartersville, Long Jump, 19-02.75


7th, Trinity Atkins, Cartersville, 1600M Run, 6:24.93

7th, Malena Bihm, Cartersville, Long Jump, 12-10.00

7th, Noelle Ramsey, Cartersville, Shot Put, 23-03.50

7th, Miranda Pelow, Woodland, 800M Run, 2:45.22

7th, Woodland 4x100M Relay, 56.45 (Morgan Cherry, Mya Moffit, Miranda Pelow, Erica Boatner)

7th, Woodland 4x200 Relay, 2:06.32

(Morgan Cherry, Karynne McKenney, Tyajia Benjamin, Lily Martinez)

7th, Woodland “A” 4x400M Relay, 4:59.42

(Mya Moffit, Miranda Pelow, Emma Segars, Erica Boatner)


7th, Kameron Chappell, Woodland, 3200M Run, 11:22.54

7th, Peter Decino, Woodland, 110M Hurdles, 18.90

7th, Michael Walker, Woodland, Triple Jump, 32-11

7th, Bryce Richards, Cartersville, 800M Run, 2:20.15

7th, Malachi Vosburgh, Cartersville, 1600M Run, 4:56.57

7th, Nick Kennedy, Cartersville, Shot Put, 34-04.25

7th, Malachi Toliver, Cartersville, Discus Throw, 96-01


8th, Malena Bihm, Cartersville, 100M Dash, 13.70

8th, Jenny Crum, Cartersville, 800M Run, 2:46.70

8th, Jade Nelson, Cartersville, Shot Put, 23-02.50

8th, Danielle Thayer, Woodland, 1600M Run, 6:27.77

8th, Woodland “B” 4x400M Relay, 5:37.25

(Lily Martinez, Karynne McKenney, Khloe Lumsden, Danielle Thayer)

8th, Ava Whatley, Discus Throw, 57-09


8th, Jamarion Walker, Woodland, 200M Dash, 24.19

8th, Jamarion Walker, Woodland, Long Jump, 18-04

8th, David Byars, Woodland, Triple Jump, 31-11.25

8th, Kemontae Parker, Cartersville, 400M Dash, 1:00.52


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