Cass at Coosa preview: Q&A with Coosa head football coach Todd Wheeler

The Bartow Sports Zone / WYXC Game of the Week Cass at Coosa — Friday, September 4

Live: AM1270 WYXC and Pregame begins at 7:05pm


Q & A with Coosa head coach Todd Wheeler:

Q: What have you learned about your team at this point of the season?

A: We’re a young football team that needs to grow up in several positions. We’re on pace, but need to progress quickly. We’re making strides in those areas.

Q: Who are your team leaders? A: CB/RB Xavier Bailey, LB Patrick Zinnermon, and QB Evan Simms. Simms is a senior and a three-year starter. He’s played very well for us. We look to each of those guys for leadership on the field.

Q: What have you seen from Cass in scouting them?

A: Cass is athletic. Coach Hughes has done a great job over there. The quarterback has really matured and we think they are a better team than last year. They’ll be a great test for us and a real challenge. Q: Does Cass present any specific challenges for your team?

A: Their athleticism causes us some issues. Their linebacker corp is good and the nose guard does a great job in the middle.

Q: How do you describe your offensive and defensive schemes?

A: Multiple set offense using the I-formation and the spread. We base our defense out of a 3-4 and like to move our front. Q: What are your keys to victory against Cass?

A: We have to control the ball and keep their offense off the field. We have to try and limit the big play by paying attention to our pursuit angles. We have to try to keep them off the perimeter and make them earn what the get.

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