Drive it Straight: Control the Club Face

I’m a firm believer that golfers should be able to study their own swings. One of the goals of the OnTour Golf site, is to provide you with the proper information and tools so your time hitting balls is used in a valuable way.

A key element to driving the ball well is club face control. The club face is responsible for 85% of the ball’s direction as it comes off the driver. That only leaves 15% for all that other stuff you’re probably thinking about when you’re trying to start your tee shot in your desired direction. So if you’re not paying much attention to where the club face is pointing, you should be. In this video from the Premium Tour Quality Tee Shots Course, let me show you what the driver club face should be doing at different stages throughout the swing and how to check your swing yourself with the phone in your pocket.

Link to video: Drive it Straight: Control the Club Face

Scott Hamilton is the Director of Golf for Cartersville Country Club and spends much of his year on the PGA Tour with his collection of prominent tour players. His teaching methods for the pros blend his growing understanding of the golf swing with new technology. He was recently recognized as the No. 2 coach on Tour by PGA Tour players in Golf Digest. Hamilton is an instructor and coach to golf professionals on multiple tours. For more, please see and

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