Adairsville Tiger Plunge results

2015 Tiger Plunge Saturday, Dec. 12 at Adairsville High School

The Calhoun Yellow Jackets won both the girls' and boys' divisions of the 2015 Tiger Plunge at Adairsville Saturday. Adairsville finished second in the combined scores and in the boys' standings.

Combined Team Scores 1. Calhoun — 230

2. Adairsville — 103

3. East Hamilton (TN) — 86

4. Northwest Whitfield — 70

5. Ooltewah (TN) — 61

6. Coahulla Creek — 27

7. Cass — 20

8. Silverdale Baptist Academy (TN) — 17


  1. Calhoun

  2. Ooltewah (TN)

  3. East Hamilton (TN)

  4. Adairsville

  5. Northwest Whitfield

  6. Coahulla Creek

  7. Cass


  1. Calhoun

  2. Adairsville

  3. Northwest Whitfield

  4. East Hamilton (TN)

  5. Silverdale Baptist (TN)

  6. Coahulla Creek

  7. Cass

Calhoun also won the middle school division over Hunter Middle School (Ooltewah, TN) and New Hope Middle School (Dalton).

Local top four finishes:

1st Place

Dylan Smith (Adairsville) 100 yard butterfly

Rylee Moss (Adairsville) 100 yard butterfly Rylee Moss (Adairsville) 500 yard free

Dylan Smith (Adairsville) 100 yard backstroke

2nd Place

Adairsville boys 200 yard medley relay

Adairsville girls 200 yard free relay

Adairsville boys 400 yard freestyle relay

Sierra Matthews (Adairsville) 50 yard free

Jake Eberly (Adairsville) 100 yard free

3rd Place

Adairsville girls 200 yard medley relay

Johnathon Wilkes (Adairsville) 200 yard free

Jake Eberly (Adairsville) 50 yard free

Stella Gearhart (Cass) 50 yard free

Daniel Sullivan (Adairsville) 100 yard breaststroke

4th Place

Cass girls 400 yard freestyle relay

Danile Sullivan (Adairsville) 200 yard individual medley

Stella Gearhart (Cass) 100 yard free

Adairsville will host Northwest Whitfield and Etowah Thursday, Dec. 17 at 5:15pm in their final meet before the holiday break.

Cass is off until January 7 when they travel to Calhoun to compete with the Yellow Jackets and Ringgold.

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