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Tigers land 18 selections on All Region 6AAA football squad

The Adairsville Tigers took eight first-team spots on the 2015 All-Region 6-AAA football squad, including Torrey Hale who was a two-way, first-team selection at both wide receiver and defensive back.

Overall, the Tigers secured 18 spots on the first-team, second-team, and honorable mention rosters combined.

Adairsville finished the 2015 season 11-2 overall with playoff wins over Franklin County and Jackson before losing to the eventual state champion Westminster Wildcats in the state quarterfinals.

The season marked Adairsville's fifth consecutive season in the playoffs and a return to the state quarterfinals for the first time since 2001.

The 2015 All Region 6-AAA selections:


Offensive player of the year: QB Kaelan Riley, Calhoun, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: DL Kenny Cooper, Sonoraville, Sr.

First-team offense

QB - Devin Lancaster, Ringgold, Sr.

RB - Sidnee Johnson, Adairsville, Sr.

RB - Olico Dennis, Calhoun, Jr.

WR - Ryan Randall, Calhoun, Jr.

WR - Torrey Hale, Adairsville, Sr.

WR - Mac Brower, Ringgold, Jr.

TE - Landon Rice, Calhoun, Sr.

OL - Jack Defoor, Calhoun, Sr.

OL - Tristen Pierce, Ringgold, Sr.

OL - Drew McEntyre, Calhoun, Sr.

OL - Austin Pasley, Sonoraville, Sr.

OL - Austin Stout, Calhoun, Sr.

K - Kenin Villatoro, Sonoraville, Sr.

ATH - Marquel Lane, Adairsville, Sr.

First-team defense

DL - Landon Rice, Calhoun, Sr.

DL - Michael King, Ringgold, Sr.

DL - Will Rose, Adairsville, Sr.

LB - Daelen Harrison, Adairsville, Sr.

LB - Jireh Wilson, Calhoun, Sr.

LB - Jonathan Novicki, Sonoraville, Sr.

LB - Noah Ferguson, Calhoun, Sr.

LB - Dallas Cannon, Adairsville, Sr.

LB - Christian East, Calhoun, Sr.

DB - Baylon Spector, Calhoun, Jr.

DB - Torrrey Hale, Adairsville, Sr.

DB - Kolby Reynolds, Calhoun, Sr.

DB - Chris Blackston, Adairsville, Sr.

P - Michael Layman, Ringgold, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB - Cody Long, Sonoraville, Sr.

RB - Brady Harper, North Murray, Jr.

RB - Hunter Lay, Sonoraville, Sr.

WR - Jayson Cantrell, Adairsville, Sr.

WR - Andre Tarver, Ringgold, Fr.

WR - Jordan Adams, North Murray, Sr.

TE - Braden Weaver, Murray County, Jr.

OL - William Long, Calhoun, Jr.

OL - Ethan Martin, North Murray, Jr.

OL - Maddox Teems, Adairsville, So.

OL - Margarito Gutierrez, Murray County, So.

OL - Ryan Arial, Adairsville, Sr.

K - Abel Vargas, Ringgold, Sr.

ATH - Tucker Gregg, Murray County, So.

ATH - Dee King, Ringgold, Jr.

Second-team defense

DL - Cristian Gonzalez, Ringgold, Sr.

DL - Blaine Anderson, Calhoun, Sr.

DL - Hunter Sosebee, Murray County, Jr.

DL - Ryan McCallion, Sonoraville, Jr.

DL - Drake Green, Adairsville, Sr.

LB - Sherod Agee, Sonoraville, Jr.

LB - Jordan Towe, Calhoun, Sr.

LB - Morgan Holt, Sonoraville, Jr.

LB - Giovanni Chavez, Murray County, So.

DB - Malik Lawrence, Calhoun, Jr.

DB - Baley Jones, Coahulla Creek, Sr.

DB - Tate Moore, Sonoraville, Jr.

DB - Hunter McCurdy, North Murray, Jr.

DB - Hayden Morrow, Adairsville, Sr.

P - Brody Zrazier, North Murray, Jr.

Honorable mention: QB Blake Davis, North Murray, Jr.; QB Roger Redd, Adairsville, Jr.; QB Noah Flowers, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.; RB Branson Towe, Gordon Central, So.; RB Cory Agredano, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; ATH Dominick Genitempo, Murray, Jr.; ATH Brody Frazier, North Murray, Jr.; WR Gavin Steele, Coahulla Creek, Jr.; WR Jordan Pickett, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; WR Dylan Dixon, Sonoraville, Sr.; WR Petee Waldon, Murray County, Sr.; TE/H Hayden Murphy, Gordon Central, Sr.; TE/H Riley Griffin, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; OL Riley Howe, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.; OL Noah Patton, Murray, Jr.; OL Jeb Simerly, Adairsville, Jr.; OL Jacob Michal, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.; OL Luke Griffin, North Murray, Fr.; OL Austin Cronan, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; OL Hunter Sosebee, Murray, Jr.; OL Johnathan Cutcher, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, So.; OL Austin Greem, Gordon Central, Sr.; K Jose Delacruz, North Murray, Jr.; DL Tyler Morris, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; DL Dylan Sturgill, North Murray, Jr.; DL Jacob Bagwell, Sonoraville, Sr.; DL Luke Griffin, North Murray, Fr.; DL Jordan Passley, Gordon Central, Sr.; DL Chris Cooks, North Murray, Jr.; DL Rico Wills, Adairsville, Jr.; LB Jonathon Silvers, Sonoraville, Sr.; LB Aiden Noe, North Murray, Jr.; LB Michael Harris, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; LB Drew Woodard, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, So.; LB Nathaniel Smith, Sonoraville, Sr.; LB Darius Smith, Coahulla Creek, Jr.; LB Hayden Murphy, Gordon Central, Sr.; DB Austin Carter, Sonoraville, Sr.; DB Leonardo Lechuga, North Murray, Sr.; DB Trey Jackson, North Murray, Jr.; DB Tyrek Holmes, Sonoraville, Sr.; DB Fernando Pulido, North Murray, Jr.; DB Waylyn James, North Murray, Jr.; DB James Knight, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; DB Charlie Johnson, Adairsville, Sr.; DB Rhett Abernathy, Calhoun, Jr.; DB Marquel Lane, Adairsville, Sr.

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