Swim tri-meet separated by only two points Thursday night at Adairsville

In a meet that could not have been much closer, the Adairsville swim team finished third in combined team scores Thursday night but only two points behind Northwest Whitfield and a single point behind Etowah.

The tri-meet was hosted by Adairsville.

Combined team scores: Northwest 202, Etowah 201, and Adairsville 200

Girls: Etowah 104, Adairsville 103, Northwest 100

Boys: Northwest 102, Adairsville 97, Etowah 97

Adairsville First Place winners

Adairsville boys 200 yard medley relay team

(Dylan Smith, Daniel Sullivan, Johnathon Wilkes, Jake Eberly) Adairsville girls 200 yard medley relay team

(Katherine Sullivan, Rylee Moss, Sierra Matthews, Stephanie Corona)

Johnathan Wilkes — 200 yard freestyle

Rylee Moss — 200 yard individual medley

Dylan Smith — 100 yard butterfly

Jake Eberly — 100 yard freestyle

Sierra Matthews — 100 yard freestyle

Johnathon Wilkes — 500 yard freestyle

Adairsville girls 200 yard freestyle relay team

(Sierra Matthews, Stephanie Corona, Katherine Sullivan, Rylee Moss)

Katherine Sullivan — 100 yard backstroke

Daniel Sullivan — 100 yard breast stroke

Adairsville boys 400 yard freestyle relay team

(Johnathon Wilkes, Dylan Smith, Daniel Sullivan, Jake Eberly)

Adairsville girls 400 yard freestyle relay team

(Rylee Moss, Katherine Sullivan, Stephanie Corona, Sierra Matthews)

Adairsville Second Place winners

Cicily Flores — 200 yard freestyle

Jake Eberly — 50 yard freestyle

Stephanie Corona — 100 yard freestyle

Cicily Flores — 500 yard freestyle

Adairsville Third Place winners

Daniel Sullivan — 50 yard freestyle

Dylan Smith — 100 yard freestyle

Adairsville boys 200 yard freestyle relay team

(Jason Bromby, Isaac Ray, Nathan Dahlberg, Dylan Coker)

Jason Bromby — 100 yard backstroke

Adairsville Fourth Place winners

Katie Schwan — 100 yard butterfly

Dylan Coker — 100 yard backstroke

Felicia Miller — 100 yard backstroke

Adairsville girls 400 yard freestyle relay team B

(Felicia Miller, Cicily Flores, Alyssa Miller, Lilli Kennedy)

The next meet for the Tigers will not be until after the new year rolls in. Adairsville will host the Bartow County Championships January 9 beginning at 10am.

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