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8U Canes Silver captures CPRD youth football skills competition



Thursday, October 6

The 8U Canes Silver won the team challenge October 6 which included three events.

Each child participated against the clock and the other teams in an obstacle course which included elements of speed, agility, ball skills, strength and stamina. Each team also sent one player to the quarterback toss where he threw for distance and accuracy.

As always, the favorite event was the tug of war where each team matches up against the other three teams.

Highlights for 8U Canes Silver

Reed Ezell was fastest on the obstacle course with a time of 31.32 seconds. Ezell's finish was approximately two seconds quicker than the next closes time. Ezell also won the QB toss with his longest throw measured at 68.5 feet. Other standouts in the course were Dixon Lindsay with a time of 36.56, Zeke Price at 35.02 and Damian Smith Jr. at 36.73. The team as a whole averaged 40.98 seconds which edged out the second place team by .28 seconds.

Canes Silver also did well in the tug of war challenge winning two of three matches.

Highlights for 8U Canes Purple

Team Purple took second place with a great showing led by Hudson Lusk. He covered the obstacle course in 33.18 seconds. Peyton Emery was next for Canes Purple in 35 seconds. Harris Turner was clocked at 36.06, Asa Mitcham at 36.31, Collier Jordan at 36.77 and Donovan Gooch covered the course in 36.92. Team Purple was led by Mitcham on the QB toss. His throw measured 61.5 feet. Team Purple also dominated the Tug of War competition with a perfect record of 3-0.


Local youth recreation football reports are provided to Bartow Sports Zone by the Cartersville and Bartow County Recreation Departments. The reports are sponsored on Bartow Sports Zone by CiCi's Pizza of Cartersville.

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