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Woodland wrestling falls in championship match; Cass finishes fourth at state duals

The Woodland wrestling team was edged in the state championship match by Buford Saturday to finish as runner-up at the GHSA State Duals Championship for the sixth straight season.

Buford won the Class AAAAA title match, 34-30, at the Macon Centreplex. The Wolves had state tournament wins over Arabia Mountain, Veterans, and Union Grove on their way to the finals.

Woodland reached the championship match with wins over Harris County, Whitewater, and Ola.

Cass placed fourth in the same classification.

The Colonels were 4-2 in six dual matches with wins over Decatur, Ware County, Veterans, and Ola. Both losses were to Union Grove. Once in the quarterfinals of the championship bracket on Thursday and the other on Saturday in the Consolation Finals.

For more details on the state championship match, please see Andrew Houghton's story in The Daily Tribune News:


Cass results at state tournament:


Cass vs Decatur in championship first round

195-Tripp Breededn wins by FF (C-6, D-0)

220-Dallas Huston wins by pin (C-12, D-0)

285-Seven Richards wins by inj Def (C-18, D-0)

106-Derrick Smith loses by pin (C-18, D-6)

113-Ben Mills wins by pin (C-24, D-6)

120-Alex Depasquale wins by pin (C-30, D-6)

126-Tyler Pilcher wins by min (C-33, D-6)

132-Cody Mauldin wins by pin (C-39, D-6)

138-Kameron Depasquale wins by pin (C-45, D-6)

145-Terry Berdin wins by pin (C-51, D-6)

152-Kendall Arnold wins by pin (C-57, D-6)

160-Beau Smith mins by major (C-61, D-6)

170-Rett Moore wins by pin (C-67,D-6)

182-Houston Jones wins by pin (C-73, D-6)

Cass 73 Decatur 6


Cass vs Union Grove in championship quarterfinals

220-Tripp Breeden wins by major (C-4, UG-0)

285-Seven Richards wins by pin (C-10, UG-0)

106-Nick Mills loses by pin (C-10, UG-6)

113-Ben Mills loses by major (C-10, UG-10)

120-Alex Depasquale wins by minor (C-13, UG-10)

126-Tyler Pilcher loses by minor (C-13, UG-13)

132-Cody Mauldin loses by Tech (C-13, UG-18)

138-Kameron Depasquale loses by major (C-13, UG-22)

145-Terry Berdin loses by pin (C-13, UG-28)

152-Jaylon Callahan loses by minor (C-13, UG-31)

160-Rett Moore loses by minor (C-13, UG-34)

170-Houston Jones wins by major (C-17, UG-34)

182-Chance Scrutchins loses by pin (C-17,UG-40)

195-UG wins by FF (C-17, UG-46)

Cass 17 Union Grove 46


Cass vs. Ware in opening consolation match

285-Seven Richards wins by pin (C-6, W-0)

106-Nick Mills wins by pin (C-12, W-0)

113-Ben Mills loses by minor (C-12, W-3)

120-Alex Depasquale wins by minor (C-15, W-3)

126-Tyler Pilcher wins by pin (C-21, W-3)

132-Cody Mauldin wins by minor (C-24, W-3)

138-Kameron Depasquale win by minor (C-27, W-3)

145-Jaylon Callahan wins by pin (C-33, W-3)

152-Kenall Arnold loses by major (C-33, W-7)

160-Rett Moore wins by minor (C-36, W-7)

170-Houston Jones wins by Tech (C-41, W-7)

182-Reed Davis wins by minor (C 44, W-7)

195-Tripp Breeden wins by major(C-48, W-7)

220-Dillon Wilhoite loses by min (C-48, W-10)

Cass 48 Ware 10


Cass vs Veterans in consolation quarterfinals

106-Nick Mills loses 11-3 (C-0, V-4)

113-Ben Mills wins 7-0 (C-3, V-4)

120-Alex Depasquale gets pinned (C-3, V-10)

126-Tyler Pilcher loses 4-2 (C-3, V-13)

132-Cody Mauldin loses 4-2 (C-3, V-16)

138-Kameron Depasquale gets pinned (C-3, V-22)

145-Jaylen Callahan wins 7-2 (C-6, V-22)

152-Kendall Arnold Wins is OT (C-9, V-22)

160-Rett Moore gets pinned (C-9, V-28)

170-Houston Jones Pins (C-15, V-28)

182-Chance Scrutchins wins 7-1 (C-18, V-28)

195-Tripp Breeden wins by pin (C-24, V-28)

220-Dallas Huston wins by pin (C-30, V-28)

285-Seven Richards wins by FF (C-36, V-28)

Cass 36 Veterans 28


Cass vs Ola in consolation semifinals

113-Ben Mills loses by pin (C-0, O-6)

120-Alex Depasquale loses 14-2 (C-0, O-10)

126-Tyler Pilcher loses by Tech (C-0, O-15)

132-Cody Mauldin wins by Tech (C-5, O-15)

138-Kameron Depasquale loses 9-10 (C-5, O-18)

145-Terry Berdin loses 5-2 (C-5, O-21)

152-Jaylen Callahan wins by pin (C-11, O-21)

160-Rett Moore wins 16-10 (C-14, O-21)

170-Houston Jones wins 21-8 (C-18, O-21)

182-Chance Scrutchins loses in OT (C-18, O-24)

195-Tripp Breeden wins by pin (C-24, O-24)

220-Dallas Huston loses 7-4 (C-24, O-27)

285-Seven Richards wins 2-1 (C-27, O-27)

106-Nick Mills wins to seal the match (C-30, O-24)

Cass 30 Ola 27


Cass vs Union Grove in consolation finals

120-Alex Depasquale wins by pin (C-6, UG-0)

126-Tyler Pilcher loses on Injury Defualt (C-6, UG-6)

132-Cody Mauldin loses by pin (C-6, UG-12)

138-Kameron Depasquale loses by Tech (C-6,UG-17)

145-Terry Berdin loses by Pin (C-6, UG-23)

152-Jaylen Callahan wins by minor (C-9, UG-23)

160-Rett Moore wins by pin (C-15, UG-23)

170-Houston Jones wins by pin (C-21, UG-23)

182-Chance Scrutchins loses by pin and we lose team point (C-20, UG-29)

195-Cass Forfeits (C-20, UG-34)

220-Tripp Breeden wins by minor (C-23, UG-34)

285-Seven Richards wins by pin (C-29, UG-34)

106-Nick Mills loses by minor(C-29, UG-37)

113-Ben Mills loses by pin (C-29, UG-43)

Cass 29 Union Grove 43

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