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Interview with State Senator Bruce Thompson regarding SB 203 and the abolishment of GHSA

The Georgia High School Association board of trustees voted 5-3 on Monday in Thomaston to recommend that executive director Gary Phillips step down from his position at the end of the current school year.

The full, 66-member executive committee will vote on the recommendation at a called meeting next Monday at the Thomaston-Upson County Civic Center.

At this point, Phillips has declined to resign and has not commented to the media regarding the trustees’ vote.

The recommendation by the GHSA trustees is in response to House Bill 415 and Senate Bill 203 which would replace the GHSA with a new statewide athletic governing entity.

Senate Bill 203 was authored by 14th District senator Bruce Thompson of Cartersville. He represents portions of Cherokee, Bartow and Cobb counties.

LINK to an interview conducted Monday by WBHF's Mike Garcia with District 14 State Senator Bruce Thompson --

Thompson referenced over sixty complaints from districts all over the state when drafting SB 203. Bill sponsor Greg Kirk of Georgia Senate District 13 told reporters in his home district that includes Sumter County that there seems to be a lack of accountability in the GHSA that needs to be addressed.

The bill was drafted on February 17 and was presented to the Georgia Senate on February 21.

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