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Kickoff Challenge for all five local high schools set for Thursday, July 27 at LakePoint Station

LakePoint Station, St. Angelo’s Pizza at LakePoint, and Yogli-Mogli Frozen Yogurt at LakePoint Station are hosting a fun event on Thursday, July 27 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm designed to create some friendly competition among the five Cartersville and Bartow County high schools and kickoff the 2017-18 school sports seasons.

Dubbed the KICKOFF CHALLENGE, the event will be short competitions between the five local schools — Adairsville High School, Cartersville High School, Cass High School, Excel Christian Academy, and Woodland High School.

Teams of six students (three female, three male per event) from each school will participate in four student challenge activities plus there will be an additional contest for adult representatives from each school.

The challenge events include: (1) a pizza building contest; (2) a “clip-and-climb” wall challenge; (3) a laser shooting challenge; (4) an alternate-shot miniature golf challenge; (5) and a frozen yogurt tasting challenge for adult representatives from each school (coaches, administrators, etc.)

In the pizza building contest, each school will be given identical St. Angelo’s Pizza ingredients. Team members will shape and design a pizza that best represents their school’s mascot or logo. The St. Angelo’s Pizza staff will cook and judge the five pizzas for originality, shape, design, and creativity.

The “Clip-and-Climb” wall challenge, the laser shooting challenge, and the miniature golf contest will feature the “Big Three” activities at LakePoint Station and the final event of the evening will feature adult representatives from each school trying to best identify samples of Yogli-Mogli Frozen Yogurt.

The first place school in each event will receive 10 points toward the overall KICKOFF CHALLENGE trophy. Second place in each event will recieve 7 points with 4 points going to the third place team and 2 points to the fourth place team in each event.

The school with the most points at the end of the night will take home the KICKOFF CHALLENGE trophy for the 2017-2018 school year.

WBHF Radio (100.3fm / am1450, Cartersville) and the Bartow Sports Zone team will be broadcasting live from the event and will be interviewing coaches, directors, and administrators from each of the schools.

The three event sponsors will also offer food and game specials for spectators so they can try out the food, frozen yogurt, and the action in between each of the school challenge events.

Come enjoy a special evening of family fun and cheer on your favorite athletes, schools, coaches, and administrators at the 2017 KICKOFF CHALLENGE presented by LakePoint Station, St. Angelo’s Pizza at LakePoint, and Yogli-Mogli Frozen Yogurt.

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