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Woodland wins inaugural High School Kickoff Challenge at LakePoint Station

It went down to the wire Thursday night in the first-ever High School Kickoff Challenge at LakePoint Station, but Woodland High School came away with the 2017 title in a narrow decision.

Woodland finished a mere three points ahead of Cartersville and only five points ahead of Adairsville in winning the inaugural event. Cass finished fourth.

The Woodland adult duo of head football coach Tony Plott and administrator Lori Scifers won the final event of the night — Mogli-Yogli Frozen Yogurt Tasting — and captured 10 points to collect the come-from-behind overall victory. Cartersville led 28-23 heading into the final event, but tied for third with Cass in the frozen yogurt tasting and earned only 2 points.

Woodland also had event wins in pizza building at St. Angelo’s Pizza at LakePoint Station and the Clip ’N Climb relay. Cartersville won the Laser Target Shooting competition. Adairsville took the Mini-Golf Alternate Shot.

The winning school for each event received 10 points. Second place was good for 7 points and Third place received 4 points. There were bonus points in the Laser Shooting contest for most accuracy and highest individual score.

Scoring by event:

Pizza Building (best school logo or mascot)

— Woodland 10

— Cass 7

— Cartersville 4

Clip N Climb (rock climbing relay)

— Woodland 10

— Cartersville 7

— Adairsville 4

Mini-Golf Team Alternate Shot

— Adairsville 10

— Cartersville 7

— Cass 4

Laser Target Shooting

— Cartersville 10

— Cass 7

— Adairsville 4 (3 bonus for high individual)

— Woodland (3 bonus for highest accuracy rate)

Frozen Yogurt Tasting

— Woodland 10

— Adairsville 7

— Cartersville 2 (tie)

— Cass 2 (tie)


— Woodland 33

— Cartersville 30

— Adairsville 28

— Cass 20

Highlights from the evening and interviews with coaches and administrators were conducted live on WBHF Radio (100.3fm / am1450) as a large crowd looked on at each event.

The High School Kickoff Challenge championship plaque will be awarded to Woodland High School at a future assembly, pep rally, or football game chosen by the school.

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