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Lady Cats, Hurricanes win county titles as locals compete in Atlanta Track Club's Wingfoot XC Cl

2017 Wingfoot XC 5K Classic

Sam Smith Park, Cartersville, GA

Presented by the Atlanta Track Club


Girls High School Championship Division

Woodland finished eighth of 30 high caliber teams from across the Southeast. There were 207 individual runners in the top girls prep division. With the event doubling as the Bartow County Championship this year, Woodland also won that title.

South Forsyth won the division, followed by Marietta, Marist, Milton, and Winter Park, FL.

Woodland top runners: (individual finish, time)

Carli Clymer, 28th, 19:26.6

Angela Cochran, 36th, 19:35.7

Lindsay Scifers, 61st, 20:15.9

McKenna Trapheagen, 63rd, 20:16.0

Cheyenne Spinks, 88th, 20:36.2

Baylee Evans, 114th, 20:58.1

Mackenzie Stephenson, 158th, 22.01.2

Varsity Girls 5K Division

Cartersville finished 21st of 34 scoring teams. There were 254 individual runners in this division. Cass and Adairsville entered individual runners but did not field a full team for a team score.

Top teams: Roswell won the division, followed by Oakland, Northview, Archer, and Richmond Hill.

Cartersville top runners: (individual finish, time)

Vanna Beach, 93rd, 23:44

Alex Machado, 112th, 24:00

Katie Tolbert, 113th, 24:01

Alice Terry, 123rd, 24:06

Zane Bryant, 127th, 24:10

Kayla Carpenter, 199th, 26:44


Olivia Flynn, 168th, 25:27

Emma Pirkle, 247th, 32:04

Kaylee Moore, 248th, 32:05

Hannah McDuffie, 250th, 32:33


Makayla Thacker, 244th, 30:46

Varsity Boys 5K Division

Cartersville finished 13th, Woodland 14th, and Adairsville 43rd in the varsity boys division. The race included 43 scoring teams and 291 individual runners. Cass did not enter a full team to receive a team score.

The event doubled this year as the Bartow County Championship with Cartersville winning that title.

Top Teams: Northview won the division, followed by Richmond Hill, Lovett, Norcross, and North Hall.

Cartersville (individual finish, time)

Maximus Florence, 42nd, 17:59

Bill Archer, 70th, 18:25

Jacob Busek, 104th, 18:55

Parker Breedlove, 115th, 19:08

Clay Ross, 120th, 19:12

Matthew Wilson, 141st, 19:30

Woodland (individual finish, time)

Dylan Stermer, 54th, 18:13

Levi Brandenburg, 59th, 18:17

Reece Mitchell, 99th, 18:53

Kobe Cochran, 122nd, 19:15

Dawson McClure, 196th, 20:22

Gabe Shephard, 212th, 20:36

Cass (individual finish, time)

Prem Patel, 240th, 21:29

Craigory Chatman, 279th, 23:08

Logan Van Stinj, 281st, 23:34

Samuel Reyes, 291st, 28:24

Adairsville (individual finish, time)

Evan Crane, 270th, 22:31

Gavin Cissa, 282nd, 23:50

Zach Scott, 287th, 24:28

William Longmore, 288th, 24:50

Grayson Dailey, 289th, 25:01

John Redd, 290th, 25:31

JV Championship Division

The Woodland JV Girls finished 22nd of 23 championship division JV teams. The division, which was won by Marist, included 386 individual runners.

Woodland JV Girls top three (individual finish, time)

Avery Hull 157th, 23:28

Lexis Bubrick, 239th, 24:28

Anna Payne, 266th, 24:47

JV Boys Division

Woodland JV placed 8th, Cartersville 13th, and Excel Christian Academy 26th in the division won by Northview. There were 32 scoring teams and 518 individual runners in this division.

Woodland top three (individual finish, time)

John Shropshire, 34th, 20:07

Noah Warren, 51st, 20:27

Tracy Grimes, 58th, 20:36

Cartersville top three (individual finish, time)

Sim Archer, 53rd, 20:29

Riley Dabbs, 55th, 20:31

Will Allen, 87th, 21:11

Excel Christian Academy top three (individual finish, time)

Evan Lee, 91st, 21:15

Landon Bennett, 312th, 23:53

Daniel Hong, 316th, 23:58

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