Canes win annual CCI, Cartersville girls 4th, Cass boys 7th

The Cartersville boys won the annual Cass-Cartersville Invitational 5k Tuesday at Dellinger Park and the Cartersville girls placed fourth. The Cass boys finished seventh and Woodland sent a team that did not include their regular starters and placed eighth.

The boys CCI included 10 boys teams and 66 individual competitors. The race was won by Barrett McAree of Centennial High School in 17:02 with the five Cartersville scoring runners following in second through sixth places. For Cartersville, the order of finish was Bill Archer (2nd, 17:18), Sidney Stegall (3rd, 17:35), Alex Rios (4th, 18:02), Levi Booth (5th, 18:10), and Colin McCann (6th, 18:14). Additional Canes runners included: Max Florence (13th, 18:46) and Sam Peters (14th, 18:49).

Andrew Glaze led the Cass boys with a 16th place finish in 18:56. Bryce Kresho finished 32nd in 20:12; Jake Writh and Prem Patel were 40th and 41st in 20:48 and 20:51, respectively. Zach McKnight (46th, 22:15), Andrew Rampey (47th, 22:35), and Matthew Rampey (56th, 23:57) rounded out the Colonels’ runners.

The Woodland team consisted of Pierre Brunet (39th, 20:48), Jhon Gordon (44th, 21:23), Gabe Shephard (48th, 22:43), Lane Simmons (49th, 22:44), Bryant Knox (51st, 22:54), and Brian Sanchez (61st, 24:42).

The Cartersville girls placed fourth of eight teams. Pope won the title with all five scoring runners in the top twelve. Centennial was second and Harrison third.

McKenna Croft of Douglas County won the individual 5k girls race in 19:26.

McKinsey Spinks led the Lady Canes with a fourth place individual finish in 22:09. She was followed by fellow Cartersville runners: Alice Terry (18th, 24:27), Trinity Atkins (19th, 24:30), Trista Kelly (27th, 25:14), Jaxiry Bentancourt (29th, 25:32), Metzli Munoz (37th, 27:49), and Monica Ngugi (41st, 30:29).

The top finisher for Cass was Ashton Johnson (31st, 25:58). Other Lady Colonels included Jessica Zukowsky (35th, 26:57), Melanie Armstead (48th, 37:22), Angel Williamson (49th, 40:59), and Aislynn Leckwald (50th, 40:59).

Cartersville is scheduled to run Saturday at the Jesse Owens Classic in Alabama at the Oakville Indian Mounds Park. Woodland will be at the Asics Invitational in Douglasville at the Foxhall Sporting Club.

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