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GHSA President, Dr. Glenn White, responds to actions taken Monday

The current President of the Georgia High School Association's Executive Committee, Dr. Glenn White, responded Monday afternoon to the actions taken by the organization earlier in the day.

Earnestine Young-Jones of WBHF Radio, interviewed Dr. White by phone. The questions and answers are transcribed below:


Since Executive Director Gary Phillips will be resigning at the end of the current school year, where will the Georgia High School Association go from here?


Let me clarify. Mr. Phillips will retire at the end of this school year. The GHSA is going to buy out his contract which includes the 2017-18 school year. As far as how we proceed from here, the GHSA Board of Trustees will come together and decide how we are going to do that. We will conduct interviews and consider the recommendation of the Board of Trustees. The new Executive Director must also be approved by the full Executive Committee of the GHSA.

Was the GHSA familiar with the concerns raised by the legislation presented?


We are aware that there have been concerns and complaints in the past, but that happens with any organization that serves the public. I think there are things we can address in that legislation that can improve the Georgia High School Association. It’s just a matter of us all working together to make that happen.

Do you see a positive future for GHSA?


Yes. I think we need to keep in mind what this organization is all about. The GHSA was created to provide extra-curricular activities for students in the state of Georgia. That needs to guide every decision we make. Students should be placed first in what is best for them. If we will all come together and recognize that and work with each other to make that happen, the GHSA will be in great shape in the future. The GHSA Executive Committee, the General Assembly, our principals, athletic directors, school boards, and superintendents must work toward the benefit of our students. That’s what we have to do.

State senator Bruce Thompson has called for other changes in the GHSA. Do you see the GHSA considering other changes?


Yes. I speak for myself, not the entire committee, but we need to look at all those things and have a fully cooperative atmosphere with the state legislature. We need to work together with them to make things better for our students.

The GHSA represents all public high schools in Georgia and those private schools choosing to be members of the organization. We have a long history of providing activities for students and schools. I’m asking for the support of all students, parents, school administrators, athletic directors and coaches to help us make the organization great for our students.


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