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Cass boys win SE Whitfield six team meet; Lady Colonels second

The Cass boys and girls track and field teams competed Tuesday evening at the Southeast Whitfield High School Six Team Meet in Dalton.

The Cass boys won the meet with 169.5 points. Gordon Lee was second with 146 points and host Southeast Whitfield placed third with 131 points.

The Lady Colonels placed second, finishing 32 points behind first place Gordon Lee. Southeast Whitfield and Ringgold tied for third behind Cass.


Boys Team Score Results:

1. Cass 169.5

2. Gordon Lee 146

3. SE Whitfield 131

4. Murray County 93

5. Ringold 76.5

6. Gordon Central 9

Girls Team Score Results:

1. Gordon Lee 156

2. Cass 124

3. SE Whitfield 110

4. Ringold 110

5. Murray County 80

6. Gordon Central 14

Cass Girls Results:

Long Jump:

Sabrina Buggs (3rd) 15-00.00

Sharia Wade (6th) 12-11.50

Shot Put:

Dawna Garrett (1st) 82-04.75

Channell Clemmons (2nd) 81-01.00

High Jump:

Kyler Trouten (1st) 5-00.00

Triple Jump:

Brianna Stephenson (2nd) 27-07.00

Damia Simpson (5th) 27-01.00

Girls Shot Put:

Channel Clemmons (1st) 36-04.25

Dawna Garrett (5th) 29-09.50

4x100M Relay:

Cass A (2nd) 53.20


Sabrina Buggs (1st) 13.35

Sharia Wade (4th) 13.36

100M High Hurdles:

Hillary McCarver (1st) 17.63


Sabrina Buggs (1st) 27.91

Sidney Mays (3rd) 29.43

Emily Long (8th) 31.28

300M Hurdles:

Kyler Trouten (7th) 1:10.00

4X400M Relay

Cass A (4th) 4:50

Cass Boys Results:

Shot Put:

Tyrese Dawson (7th) 36-09.00

Long Jump:

Ray Varnum (1st) 21-00.00

Chris Moore (6th) 17-05.50

Kamari Robinson (8th) 16-08.75

Triple Jump:

Kamari Robinson (3rd) 34-06.00

High Jump:

Tavarus Varnum (1st) 6-00.00

Laizon West (3rd) 5-10.00

Devon Pritchett (4th) 5-08.00


Ian Herman (2nd) 105-08.50

Chance Scrutchins (5th) 100-03.75

Nathan Gant (6th) 97-02.00

Pole Vault:

Steven Smith (1st) 12.00.00

Jacob Shaver (5th) 9-06.00

Cory Willis (6th) 9-06.00


Ethan Williams (7th) 12:35

Logan Van Stijn (8th) 13:54

4x100M Relay:

Cass A (1st) 44.36

Cass C (5th) 47.16


Nick Poteet (7th) 5:28


Islama Bamba (6th) 56.06


Laizon West (1st) 11.18

Malik Grimes (4th) 11.53

110M Hurdles:

Ray Varnum (1st) 15.21

Nigel Whittington (3rd) 16.88

Chris Moore (5th) 21.03


Steven Smith (5th) 2:17

Nick Poteet (7th) 2:22


Laizon West (2nd) 24.03

Cameron Gonyea (3rd) 24.14

300M Hurdles:

Ray Varnum (1st) 43.59

Nigel Whittington (2nd) 44.28

4X400M Relay:

Cass A (7th) 3:55

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