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The latest regarding Covid from the GHSA office

Dr. Robin Hines, GHSA Executive Director

The latest information regarding Covid considerations as available via the Georgia High School Association website: June 8, 2021:

On behalf of GHSA Executive Director, Dr. Robin Hines:

After yesterday’s meeting with the SMAC, the GHSA has determined that the member schools should follow the guidance below in moving forward for the Summer 2021 voluntary workouts and for the 2021-22 SY during GHSA sports/activities.

> Our plan as of today is to move forward without restrictions for the 2021 Summer Workouts and 2021-22 SY sports/activities. > The GHSA will utilize the 2021-22 Beginning and Ending Dates as outline on the GHSA website. > The GHSA will respect local school/systems COVID guidance during regular season contest/activities. > The GHSA staff will require all GHSA events (GHSA playoffs) be free of attendance restrictions during all GHSA playoff events. > Sport specific, Considerations and Rule Modifications, will be evaluated and adjusted as needed by each sport administrator. > Our goal continues to be to provide sports and activities for our students with safety being the top priority. > The SMAC will continue to meet on a regular basis to consider changes in COVID data.

Recommendations and restrictions are fluid and subject to change. Safety must be our top priority.


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