Bartow County Little League opens 2019 season with four games

The 2019 Bartow County Little League season got underway Saturday with all eight teams in action at Hamilton Crossing Park. The Braves, Tigers, Orioles, and Twins all picked up Opening Day victories. The 2019 Bartow County Little League baseball major regular season schedule continues through May 16.

Bartow County Little League Majors

Saturday, March 23 BRAVES 6, CARDINALS 2 BRAVES: Price Higgins one double; Conner Lujan one hit. Pitchers: Jackson Nelson, Bryson Pruitt. CARDINALS: Derris Reece one double; Kyron McClendon one hit. Pitchers: Lucas Baker, Kenny Brown, and Devyn Brown. TIGERS 7, METS 5 TIGERS: Zachary Hawkins one double; Barrett Fuller one hit. Pitchers: Benjamin Abernathy and Fuller. METS: D.J. Swann, Samuel McDowell, and Andrew Ray one hit each. Pitchers: Landon Cassidy and Joseph McGrew. ORIOLES 7, GIANTS 3 ORIOLES: Austin Daves three hits; Kamarion Profitt one triple; Kaiden Coker, Brian Gayton, Landon Lamb, and Jayden Jinks one hit each; Pitchers: Dayson Ward and Jinks. GIANTS: Dawson Holbrook and Kason Miller one double each; Clifton Parker one hit; Pitchers: James Lee, Parker, and Jacob Jones. TWINS 7, RANGERS 1 TWINS: Taylor Duncan, Isaac Burnett, and Graham Coheley one hit each; Pitchers: Robert Mitchell and Burnett. RANGERS: Grayson Shiflett and Aiden Taylor one hit each. Pitchers: Hudson Parr and Shiftlett.

This week's slate of games: Tuesday, March 26 6pm — Braves v. Mets — F11 6pm — Giants v. Rangers — F12 730pm — Cardinals v. Tigers — F11 730pm — Orioles v. Twins — F12 Thursday, March 28 6pm — Cardinals v. Mets — F11 6pm — Giants v. Tigers — F12 730pm — Rangers v. Cardinals — F11 730pm — Braves v. Orioles — F12

Little League results are provided to Bartow Sports Zone by Bartow County Little League and Cartersville Little League. The game data is shared by the leagues via GameChanger reports from the respective teams and/or leagues. Results and capsules are sponsored on Bartow Sports Zone by Play It Again Sports and CiCi's - Beyond Pizza, both located in the Cartersville Main Street - Cherokee Place Shopping Center.

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