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Cartersville swim team defeats Coahulla Creek, Cass

The Cartersville High swim team won a three-way meet Tuesday with Coahulla Creek and Cass at the Adairsville Swim Center. The Cartersville combined score of 407 easily defeated Coahulla Creek with 272 and Cass at 154. The Lady Canes accumulated 263 of those points while the Hurricanes totaled 144. Coahulla Creek led the three boys teams with 173 points.


Individual event winners from Cartersville and Cass included:

Cartersville girls 200-yard medley relay: Grayson Breedlove, Rachel Long, Gracie Siniard, and Giulia Vidoli.

Girls 200-yard freestyle: Della Pritchett, Cartersville

Boys 200-yard freestyle: Carson Teems, Cartersville

Girls 200-yard IM: Grayson Breedlove, Cartersville

Girls 50-yard freestyle: Rachel Long, Cartersville

Boys 100-yard butterfly: Carson Teems, Cartersville

Girls 100-yard butterfly: Gracie Siniard, Cartersville

Boys 100-yard freestyle: Austen Dabbs, Cartersville

Girls 100-yard freestyle: Rachel Long, Cartersville

Girls 500-yard freestyle: Giulia Vidoli, Cartersville

Cartersville girls 200-yard freestyle relay: Rachel Long, Maggie Long, Gracie Siniard, Giulia Vidoli

Girls 100-yard backstroke: Grayson Breedlove, Cartersville

Boys 100-yard backstroke: Jackson Jones, Cass

Girls 100-yard breaststroke: Micole Sy, Cartersville

Cartersville girls 400-yard freestyle relay: Gracie Siniard, Maggie Long, Grayson Breedlove, Giulia Vidoli Cass swims next at Darlington on Thursday at 5 p.m.

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