GHSA releases updated guidance for member schools

On Monday, the Georgia High School Association announced updated guidance for member schools regarding failed screenings and game day operations. The information was released on the GHSA website following recent meetings with the Georgia State Health Department . Language in the documents allows individual school districts a high level of autonomy using terms "strongly" and/or "highly" recommended. The documents stop short of mandating protocols. The "Action Plan for Failed Screening or Positive COVID-19 Test" document outlines steps for handling athletes, team members, and coaches. Among other items, the document provides direction for dealing with positive test results, asymptomatic individuals, individuals exhibiting symptoms who have not been tested, and those who have been in contact with an infected person.

The "GHSA Contest Game Day" document directs individual schools to create their own screening plans and highly recommends items such as temperature readings, symptom checks, and face coverings.

The two GHSA documents are available in PDF form for complete review below:

Download • 197KB

Download • 150KB

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