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Seven Adairsville Tigers recognized on All-Region 6-AAA Football Team

Highlighted by All-Region 6-AAA First Team Defense selections Garrett Ellis and Malachi Gardner, the Adairsville Tigers were represented by seven players on the 2019 squad.

First team, Second team, and Honorable Mention selections are listed below.


All Region 6-AAA Football

Offensive player of the year: QB Ladd McConkey, North Murray, Sr.

Defensive player of the year: ILB Dylan Flood, North Murray, Sr.

First-team offense

QB - Brady Lackey, Sonoraville, Jr.

RB - D'Ante Tidwell, North Murray, Jr.

RB - Jerrian Hames, Calhoun, Jr.

WR - Brant Bryant, Sonoraville, Fr.

WR - Landon Burrell, North Murray, Sr.

WR - Ethan Crump, Calhoun, Sr.

TE/H - Caleb Hardeman, Haralson County, Sr.

OL - Kameran Shook, North Murray, Sr.

OL - Davin Buckner, Sonoraville, Sr.

OL - Elijah Baldridge, Calhoun, Sr.

OL - Aaron McCurdy, North Murray, Sr.

OL - Gavin Hollaway, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.

OL - Beau Chaffin, Haralson County, Sr.

OL - Jaedan Curtis, Calhoun, Sr.

ATH - Blade Bryant, Sonoraville, Sr.

ATH - Clay Hyatt, Haralson County, So.

K - Owen Hannah, North Murray, So.

First-team defense

DL - Trey Lovelace, Haralson County, Sr.

DL - Will Mitchell, North Murray, Sr.

DL - Garrett Ellis, Adairsville, Sr.

DL - Dawson Hamby, Calhoun, Sr.

DL - Trey Lovelace, Haralson County, Sr.

LB - Todd Thornburg, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.

LB - Chaisen Buckner, North Murray, Sr.

LB - Colton Richards, Sonoraville, Sr.

LB - Malachi Gardner, Adairsville, Sr.

LB - Hayden Hulett, North Murray, Sr.

LB - Zeke Brown, Calhoun, Sr.

LB - Gauge Stanley, Murray County, Sr.

DB - Alex Pulido, North Murray, Sr.

DB - Jake Prather, Calhoun, Jr.

DB - Marc Harris, Haralson County, Jr.

DB - Ladd McConkey, North Murray, Sr.

P - Alec Gentry, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.

Second-team offense

QB - Jake Morrow, Calhoun, Jr.

RB - Gabe Davis, Haralson County, Sr.

WR - Hayden Hulett, North Murray, Sr.

WR - Grant Gilmer, Calhoun, Sr.

WR - Ben Burns, Sonoraville, Sr.

TE - Daniel Hartley, Haralson County, Sr.

OL - Hayden Jones, North Murray, Sr.

OL - J.T. Jolly, Adairsville, Sr.

OL - Reid Williams, Ringgold, Sr.

OL - Gonzolo Mena, Murray County, Jr.

OL - Zach Owens, Haralson County, Sr.

OL - Carter Reynolds, North Murray, Jr.

OL - Justin Swindle, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.

OL - Wade Wiggins, Coahulla Creek, Sr.

OL - Alex Dixon, North Murray, Sr.

ATH - Cade Petty, Murray County, Jr.

ATH - Austin Hernandez, Coahulla Creek, Sr.

K - Eduardo Fajardo, Calhoun, Sr.

Second-team defense

DL - Kendez Griffin, Calhoun, Sr.

DL - Riley Bell, Haralson County, So.

DL - Dakota King, Adairsville, Sr.

DL - Aaron McCurdy, North Murray, Sr.

DL - Brett Garland, Calhoun, Jr.

DL - James Beddington, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.

DL - Hunter Lanier, Coahulla Creek, Sr.

LB - Tyler Capps, Sonoraville, Sr.

LB - Antonio Crapp, Haralson County, Jr.

LB - Davin O'Neal, Sonoraville, Jr.

LB - Reece Poe, Calhoun, Sr.

DB - Savaun Henderson, Adairsville, Sr.

DB - Blade Bryant, Sonoraville, Sr.

DB - D'Ante Tidwell, North Murray, Jr.

DB - Jacob King, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.

DB - Will Seamons, Calhoun, Jr.

P - Emanuel Lopez, Adairsville, Jr.

Honorable mention: QB - Malachi Powell, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.; RB - Noah Lundsford, North Murray, Jr.; Price Pennington, Ringgold, Jr.; Jevonnie Womble, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.; Jacob Brown, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Jr.; WR - Brayden Broome, Ringgold, Sr.; Cole Speer, Calhoun, So.; Kade Greeson, North Murray, Sr.; Dylan Wright, Ringgold, Sr.; OL - Daniel Smith, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; Warren Gragg, Sonoraville, Sr.; Dagoberto Hernandez, North Murray, Sr.; Scott Clinton, Ringgold, Jr.; Taylor Frady, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, So.; Eli Salmon, Haralson County, So.; Kendrick Kirby, Calhoun, So.; Damon Blankenship, Haralson County, Sr.; Bo Black, Ringgold, So.; Brenden Miller, Sonoraville, So.; Isaac Wiley, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; ATH - Kyle White, Ringgold, So.; Davis Redwine, Murray, Jr.; PK - Emanuel Lopez, Adairsville, Jr.; Elber Romero, Murray County, Jr.; DL - Carson Griffin, Calhoun, Jr.; Griffin Ingram, North Murray, Sr.; Michael Toney, Ringgold, Sr.; Carson Voiles, Murray County, Jr.; Brandon Bristol, Sonoraville, Sr.; Jake Young, Coahulla Creek, Sr.; Noah Haney, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; Luke Parks, Ringgold, Sr.; Justin Stokes, Sonoraville, Jr.; Josh Haveman, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; LB - Case Collins, Sonoraville, Sr.; Kaegan Williams, Haralson County, Sr.; Julian Ipac, Calhoun, Sr.; McCain Mangum, Ringgold, Jr.; Tokyo Gordon, Adairsville, So.; Zion Martin, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; Mason Milstead, Coahulla Creek, Jr.; Mason Green, Calhoun, So.; Kyle White, Ringgold, So.; DB - Gabe Smith, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; Tyler Hayes, Murray County, Sr.; Josh Lane, Ringgold, Sr.; Jerry Jackson, Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe, Sr.; P - Gauge Stanley, Murray County, Sr.; David Braden, Calhoun, Sr.; Ladd McConkey, North Murray, Sr.


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