Cartersville, Cass, and Woodland track and field athletes compete at Dalton Rotary Invite

Local Bartow County results from the Dalton Rotary Track and Field Invitational.

The event was hosted by Dalton High School on Saturday, March 12.


Girls 100M Hurdles

4th, Chaila Reliford, Woodland 17.19

9th, Hillary McCarver, Cass, 18.03

12th, Karson Norris, Woodland, 18.38

16th, Briyana Greyling, Cartersville, 19.74

Girls 100M

15th, Madison Bennett, Woodland, 13.81

20th, Sabrina Buggs, Cass, 14.05

21st, Jakeira Askew, Woodland, 14.07

29th, LaShun Williams, Cartersville, 14.80

32nd, Dasia Levy, Cartersville, 15.85

Girls 1600M

6th, Lindsay Scifers, Woodland, 5:56.17

14th, Elizabeth Roberson, Woodland, 6:13.73

16th, Kayla Carpenter, Cartersville, 6:24.25

26th, Aliana Hall, Cartersville, 6:57.89

30th, AlexStodghill, Cass, 7:41.38

Girls 200M

17th, Hillary McCarver, Cass, 29.02

21st, Sydney Mays, Cass, 29.75

29th, Macee Cole, Cartersville, 32.41

30th, Dasia Levy, Cartersville, 33.27

31st, Madison Bennett, Woodland, 40.81

Girls 300M

16th, Briyana Greyling, Cartersville, 57.28

17th, Madilyn Tuplin, Woodland, 57.39

22nd, Kyler Trouten, Cass, 59.53

26th, London Shaw, Cartersville, 1:06.31

Girls 3200M

5th, Lindsay Scifers, Woodland, 12:50.33

11th, Kayla Carpenter, Cartersville, 14:03.27

14th, Casey Bolan, Woodland, 14:21.52

15th, Vanna Beach, Cartersville, 14:25.83

Girls 400M

23rd, Majesta Herman, Cass, 1:10.93

26th, Elizabeth Vasquez, Woodland, 1:11.98

27th, Keilyn Jones, Woodland, 1:14.77

30th, Summer Fairchild, Cass, 1:18.99

31st, LaShun Williams, Cartersville, 1:22.93

Girls 4x100M

10th, Woodland, 52.79

12th, Cass, 54.24

Girls 4x400M

11th, Woodland, 4:49.85

13th, Cass, 5:19.34

Girls 800M

14th, Elizabeth Roberson, Woodland, 2:43.70

19th, Casey Bolan, Woodland, 2:49.43

26th, Aliana Hall, Cartersville, 3:04.38

29th, Alex Stodghill, Cass, 3:26.91

Girls Discus Throw

12th, Dawna Garrett, Cass, 80-03.00

14th, Hailey Bishop, Woodland, 79-01.00

17th, Alexis Ware, Cass, 77-01.00

18th, Avery Mayweather, Woodland, 74-01.00

24th, Madison Heath, Cartersville, 65-06.00

30th, London Shaw, Cartersville, 59-07.00

Girls High Jump

2nd, Kyler Trouten, Cass, 5-00.00

Girls Long Jump

6th, Chaila Reliford, Woodland, 15-06.00

10th, Sabrina Buggs, Cass, 15-03.00

26th, Brianna Stephenson, Cass, 12-00.00

Girls Pole Vault

11th, Kyler Trouten, Cass, 7-00.00

Girls Shot Put

2nd, Hayley Gildersleeve, Cass, 37-01.50

5th, Chanelle Clemmons, Cass, 35-02.50

13th, London Shaw, Cartersville, 30-03.25

21st, Avery Mayweather, Woodland, 27-10.75

27th, Madison, Cartersville, 25-06.25

30th, Aubrey Mayweather, Woodland, 24-02.00

Girls Triple Jump

18th, Brianna Stephenson, Cass, 26-04.00

19th, Damia Simpson, Cass, 23-00.00

Boys 100M

4th, Jamai Smith, Woodland, 11.28

6th, Terry Berdin, Cass, 11.37

18th, Laizon West, Cass, 11.70

20th, Nivin Nelson, Cartersville, 11.87

25th, Shamus Thomas, Woodland, 12.07

Boys 110M Hurdles

2nd, Ray Varnum, Cass, 16.03

19th, Walter Thomas, Cass, 20.51

20th, Jacob Busek, Cartersville, 20.65

25th, Braydan Hodge, Cartersville, 25.07

Boys 1600M

9th, Julian Rockett, Woodland, 4:46.37

12th, Jonathan Holloway, Woodland, 4:51.01

26th, Nick Poteat, Cass, 5:20.22

31st, Cory Willis, Cass, 5:34.67

33rd, Jacob Busek, Cartersville, 5:39.66

Boys 200M

5th, Jamai Smith, Woodland, 23.30

15th, Laizon West, Cass, 24.24

24th, Shamus Thomas, Woodland, 24.76

26th, Nivin Nelson, Cartersville, 24.93

29th, Malcolm Cooley, Cartersville, 25.74

Boys 300M

12th, Kevin Miller, Woodland, 45.32

17th, Walter Thomas, Cass, 47.60

20th, Chris Clanton, Woodland, 47.74

30th, Bryson Rogers, Cartersville, 56.31

32nd, Braydan Hodge, Cartersville, 1:05.50

Boys 3200M

16th, Dustin Kiel, Woodland, 11:01.24

24th, Will Pruitt, Cartersville, 11:43.38

29th, William Matherne, Cartersville, 12:25.17

Boys 400M

13th, Trevor Knowles, Woodland, 53.72

16th, Markal Brown, Woodland, 54.38

31st, Alex Mosac, Cartersville, 58.59

33rd, Tavarus Varnum, Cass, 59.60

37th, Stephen Smith, Cass, 1:01.04

38th, Daniel Ejieke, Cartersville, 1:03.50

Boys 4x100M

3rd, Cass, 43.54

7th, Woodland, 43.73

Boys 4x400M

2nd, Woodland, 3:33.30

17th, Cartersville, 4:18.65

Boys 800M

3rd, Julian Rockett, Woodland, 2:03.18

11th, Jonathan Holloway, Woodland, 2:08.44

24th, Alex Mosac, Cartersville, 2:16.71

31st, Stephen Smith, Cass, 2:19.89

37th, Jeremiah Whatley, Cartersville, 2:56.96

Boys Discuss Throw

5th, Brett Shedd, Woodland, 114-07.00

29th, Jamal Evans, Cass, 77-10.00

31st, Jaylon Stubbs, Cass, 72-10.00

32nd, Logan Yarborough, Cartersville, 71-00.00

33rd, Dominick Tanzola, Woodland, 69-00.00

35th, Lee Peters, Cartersville, 65-05.00

Boys High Jump

3rd, Trevor Knowles, Woodland, 5-10.00

5th, Jarvis James, Woodland, 5-10.00

6th, Devin Pritchett, Cass, 5-10.00

14th, Laizon West, Cass, 5-06.00

Boys Long Jump

5th, Ray Varnum, Cass, 20-10.00

22nd, Julian Rockett, Woodland, 18-04.50

24th, Diuntae Ward, Cass, 17-06.50

Boys Pole Vault

2nd, Thomas Jolly, Woodland, 12-06.00

5th, Rodney Thompson, Woodland, 11-00.00

Boys Shot Put

14th, Jamal Evans, Cass, 37-02.75

22nd, Bryce Wilkins, Cartersville, 34-08.50

26th, Octavius Landon, Cartersville, 32-11.00

30th, Brady Jernigan, Woodland, 32-07.50

32nd, Jaymie Jacobs, Woodland, 31-00.75

34th, Jaylon Stubbs, Cass, 29-04.75

Boys Triple Jump

4th, Ray Varnum, Cass, 40-09.00

10th, Diuntae Ward, Cass, 37-05.50

17th, Kevin Miller, Woodland, 34-03.00

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