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LaFayette rallies to edge Canes' rifles

The Cartersville riflery team lost a very close match with LaFayette Tuesday, falling by just eight points — 1082-1074.

The Canes led through the first two series, outshooting the Ramblers by 14 points in the prone position. LaFayette narrowed the Cartersville lead to eight points during the standing position and then pulled away with a 16 point advantage in kneeling.

Cartersville was led by Caleb Adams with 275 points. Angelina Christ was second for the Canes with a 273. Katerina Conley and Luis Rangel fired scores of 264 and 262, respectively.

Cartersville, currently in fifth place in Area 10, will host third-place Dalton next Tuesday at the American Legion Post 92 in Cartersville.


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