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Canes track and field wins Rockmart five-way meet

February 11, 2024

The Cartersville High School Track and Field team participated this past Saturday in a five-way meet at Rockmart.

The Cartersville boys won the meet with 81.5 points. Rockmart was second with 45.5 points followed by Bremen (18), North Cobb Christian (15), and Mount Bethel Christian.

The Cartersville girls placed second with 41 points. Rockmart won the girls’ meet with 59 points. Bremen (19) was third followed by Mount Bethel Christian and North Cobb Christian with 18 points each.

Cartersville performances Girls:

★ Kyjah Miller: 3rd Place Triple Jump

★ Paris Moultrie: 2nd Place, Shot Put

★ Elizabeth Hardy: 2nd Place Pole Vault

★ Hadley Finnemore, Lucy Dicara, Ella Sabaka, Vivi Vest: 1st Place, 4x800M Relay

★ Amirra Davis 2nd Place, Laney Saunders, 3rd Place, 100 M Hurdles

★ Vivi Vest, 3rd Place, 1600 M Run

★ Addi Burns, 1st Place, 400 M Dash

★ Leyla Booth, 1st Place, Kori Mandibaya, 2nd Place, and Amirra Davis, 3rd Place, 300 M Hurdles

★ Leyla Booth, Amirra Davis, Addie Burns, and Milena Bihm, 1st Place, 4x400 M Relay: 


★ Thoreau Lipscomb, 1st Place, Discus

★ Thoreau Lipscomb, 1st Place, and Mason James, 3rd Place, Shot Put

★ Tripp Chitwood, 2nd Place, and Luke Gibson, 3rd Place, Pole Vault

★ Ben Russell, Ben Wilkerson, Luca Federico, and Luke Gibson, 2nd Place and Hayden Empie, ★ Corbin McKay, Evan Archer, and Brayden Yrabedra, 3rd Place, 4x800 M Relay

★ Thomas Smith, 2nd Place, 110 M Hurdles

★ Tayshuan Carter, 1st Place, 100 M Dash

★ Rhys Neal, Actavious Thompson, Caleb Cooley, Dakari Young, 1st Place, 4x200 M Relay

★ Malachi Vosburgh, 1st Place, Carson Robinson, 3rd Place, 1600 M Run

★ Ja’Caiden Leonard, Actavious Thompson, Caleb Cooley, Rhys Neal, 1st Place, and Quashawn Lopez, Jackson Montgomery, Jimmy Channell, William Irish, 3rd Place 4x100 M Relay

★ Kemarie Mitchell, Jaiven Johnson, Tyon Coe, and Actavious Thompson, 1st Place, and Jackson Montgomery, Rhys Neal, Kemontae Parker, and Tripp Chitwood, 2nd Place, 4x400 M Relay

Next on the Cartersville schedule is the Marietta Distance Meet on Saturday.


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